Forest 7010 Rear Cabinet Mounted Delivery System

We are very proud to introduce you to our 7000 Series side-delivery systems. Compare them with any delivery system—at any price—from any North American manufacturer. You’ll easily discover why the 7000 Series offers you the highest quality product available today.



  • Duo control
    • automatic control for three handpieces
    • 3-way air water syringe w/tubing, 4’
    • 4-hole handpiece tubing, 4’
    • pneumatic master control block w/diaphragm
    • master on/off
    • individual handpiece pressure adjustment
    • individual water coolant adjustment
    • non-retraction water coolant
    • air coolant adjustment
    • handpiece flush
    • handpiece exhaust canister/oil collector
    • self-contained clean water system w/quick disconnect, single bottle, 1 1/2 liter
    • wet/dry with chip blower foot control
  • Height adjustable work surface, 5” (BC/UC/WM)
  • “Burr Buddy” tray holder and covered Zirc tray
  • Pneumatic work surface easy lift/close mechanism
  • Central vacuum accessory package
    • central vacuum canister w/disposable
    • solids collector
    • 3-way air/water syringe w/tubing, 5’
    • autoclavable standard HVE lever valve w/tubing, 5’
    • autoclavable saliva ejector lever valve w/tubing, 5’
  • Solid work surface, 19” x 24”
  • Universal heavy duty mounting plate 11” x 14 1/2”, beneath counter (BC)
  • Wall mount panel 16” x 18” (WM)
  • Adjustable height frame (MC)
  • Twin wheel hard floor casters (MC)
  • Standard utility center housing and cover (MC)
  • Air pressure regulator w/filter
  • Master air shut-off valve
  • Umbilical, 7’
  • External umbilical, 6’ (MC)



FOREST warrants its products to be free from defects in material and workmanship only. No other warranties are expressed or implied. This warranty shall extend for five years unless otherwise stated. Written notice of breach must be given to FOREST within this period. Buyer’s remedy for breach of this warranty is limited to repair parts or replacement of items by FOREST. Factory repairs are covered for a period of 90 days. No claim for labor or consequential damages or freight will be allowed. FOREST is not responsi-ble for ensuring equipment or installation conformity to local code or regulatory requirements. Check with local code or regulatory requirements before purchase and installation of all FOREST product.

Warranty is void if:

Items are carelessly used or improperly maintained or installed.

Damage results from using cleaning, disinfecting or sterilization chemicals and processes. Damage is the result of freight damage and as such claims must be filed with the carrier by dealer.

Warranty term exceptions cover items that are normally expected service items and items not covered by Forest’s warranty:

Handpiece illumination tubings, heated syringe tubings & assemblies and light bulbs are warranted for six months.

Power supplies, syringe buttons, HVE & SE valves are warranted for one year.

Water bottles, gas springs and handpiece tubings are warranted for two years.

Air & Water tubing connectors (T’s), Distribution Block, Master Control Block, Flow Valves, 7000 Chassis are warranted for  lifetime of dental unit (maximum of 20 years).

Bien-Air handpiece motors, Satelec scaler and Cavitron are covered under manufacturer’s warranty. Two year upholstery warranty, excluding wear and tear. Installation of ancillary devices are warranted for two years.

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