Preventative Maintenance

Dental equipment failure is never convenient.

We have the solution.

The Complete Office maintenance program was created by dentists who asked, “Why do I keep calling service technicians and they only fix one problem?  Is there a way I can have all of my service issues taken care of at once?”

The answer is: YES!

The traditional approach to dental equipment repair is also known as the “break and fix” method.  You break it and the technician fixes it.  This approach ignores prevention and misses other equipment in your office that may be close to failure.

At Preferred Dental Services – and now through our endorsed brand of WDA Service Solutions – we have developed a program that turns the “break and fix” cycle into proactive prevention for ALL of the dental equipment in your office. This program reduces downtime, reduces equipment failure, reduces staff frustration, and improves efficiency within the office. Our goal is to increase equipment longevity and help protect the most expensive investment within your practice.

Please read the maintenance testimonial from Janssen Dental and see how this program can work for you!

Would you like to learn more? Please contact us by filling out the no-obligation Maintenance Sign-up form and our experienced team will create a maintenance plan that is custom to your office.

It’s time to take control of your dental equipment.