Belmont Clesta Halogen Dental Light

Hygienic and practical, mounting is customizable to match your work and operatory style.

Popular, sensible and functional, Clesta is designed to provide natural light for operators with touchless ON/OFF sensors that minimize possible cross-contamination between procedures.



  • Special Dichroic reflector filters out infrared rays and dissipates heat, illuminating the oral cavity with cool white light.
  • Touchless ON/OFF and Composite Safe Mode sensor reduces physical contact with light surfaces and minimize cross-contamination risks.
  • Oval light pattern with feathered edges to minimize eye fatigue.
  • Rotary selector for choosing high- and medium-intensity as well as composite safe mode.
  • Shadowless illumination allows for uninterrupted light to the patient’s oral cavity, even with 50% obstruction between light and patient.
  • Color temperature range between 3600°K – 5000°K.
  • Ergonomic handles allow for product placement and operator convenience.
  • Available in ceiling, track, cabinet, and wall-mount configurations as well as chair-mounted options.

Brochures and Education

Belmont Clesta Halogen Dental Light Brochure