Solutions At Work

Bionica Dental Wellness in Delafield

Brenna Sadler, Director of Communications and Membership – [email protected]

When Dr. Udoka Holinbeck decided to open her own practice in the fall of 2018, she leased a completely bare office suite, hired a contractor and started working with one of the “big three” equipment supply companies. A few weeks into the project, she knew she had to make a change.

“Working with the big supplier wasn’t what I had envisioned as far as attentiveness and attention to detail,” she said. “Prices weren’t competitive. I’d read about WDA Equipment Solutions and reached out to (owner) Richard Wilde. He had a much better understanding of what I was wanting to do as a start-up.”

The two spent a lot of time talking. They discussed equipment she’d already purchased online from another vendor and developed a plan to install it. They agreed on a combination of new and refurbished pieces to address the remaining equipment needs. And they decided on a Vatech brand Cone Beam (CBCT) 3D X-ray so she could provide her patients with the latest technology in dental imaging and the best diagnoses.

Dr. Holinbeck’s office was five treatment rooms. Taking Wilde’s advice, she initially equipped only two, and then a third about six months after opening as patient volume and cash flow increased. WDA Equipment Solutions’ specialists worked directly with the building contractor to coordinate locations for plumbing, electrical and support backing for the dental equipment.

“WDA Equipment Solutions helped me think outside the box, which is what I really, really needed. I had a very lean budget, and Richard was very focused on ‘here’s how we can start you off, and here’s how you can grow.’ He really provided a lot of value, a good combination of competitive pricing and having an attentive team in my corner.”
Udoka Holinbeck, DDS | Delafield

“When we did our buildout, Richard would show up at the construction site, make sure the builders understood what was going on and how the equipment and everything all worked together,” Dr. Holinbeck said. “He took a lot of things off my hands.”

The construction project stayed on schedule and on budget, and Bionica Dental Wellness opened for business in May 2019. Staff and patients responded favorably to the new space.

“People are going out of their way to compliment us,” Dr. Holinbeck said. “My intent was not to create this grand, over-the-top space, but it’s serene enough for patients to tell me they like the energy, they like the space, it’s the right size, it’s warm and welcoming.”

Starting a new practice – and building a dental office from scratch – can be stressful. While the office was being built, Dr. Holinbeck was still working as an associate at another practice and raising two young boys with her husband.

“It’s extremely scary and extremely overwhelming – you don’t know which way is up,” she said. “After talking to Richard enough times, I felt I could trust his guidance. That was a big deal. Instead of having to navigate a lot of that myself and come up with solutions on my own, I knew I could count on him and his team. Now we’re working on maintenance, upkeep and eventually upgrades. Working with WDA Equipment Solutions saved me a lot of time, a lot of money – and it also saved me a good deal of anxiety.”