Tuttnauer EZ9/11Plus HEPA Filter


Change the HEPA filter every 6 months or after 1,000 cycles, (whichever is shorter period).  See HEPA replacement instructions in the attached PDF.

What does the filter do?  In order to facilitate drying instruments with the door of the chamber closed, the EZPlus sterilizers are equipped with an air pump and HEPA filter.  During the drying stage, the pump draws air through the HEPA filter and circulates that air through the heated chamber.  This is designed to remove moisture from the wrapped instruments.  A bacteriological HEPA filter is used to ensure that only highly filtered air is allowed into the sterile chamber.

Is your Tuttnauer taking longer than normal to dry?  This can be an indication of a clogged HEPA filter.

Tuttnauer EZPlus Detailed Maint Instructions

Tuttnauer EZPlus Quick Guide, Maintenance Instructions

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