RAMVAC Dental Utility Room Accessories

Ramvac offers a variety of Utility Room Accessories to ensure that your office operates smoothly and efficiently.



  • SlugBuster – dental vacuum line cleaner contains chelators, which help hold heavy metals, such as Mercury, in suspension, facilitating safer discharge to waste disposal. Chelators also make the water soft for better cleaning. The formula also contains wetting agents specially formulated to allow the cleaner to penetrate faster.
  • Remote Panel Switch – Our remote switch panel lets you conveniently manage your utility room equipment. The panel comes standard with one to four illuminated push-on/push-off switches. Units with five or more switches are available.
  • Ramvac Stands – support many combinations of dental vacuums, compressors and tanks to save space in your practice utility room.
  • Flowcheck – The best way to evaluate dental vacuum system performance is to measure airflow at the high volume evacuator (HVE). Flowcheck provides a quick, easy way to accurately measure HVE flow rates. Flowcheck makes diagnosing problems a snap. Use the Flowcheck to measure the “flow ability” of your system and acceptance-test new equipment to make sure you get what you pay for.
  • VACHECK – Ramvac VACHECK lets you evaluate vacuum performance to ensure that the system can support safe, efficient operation of high volume evacuators and nitrous oxide scavengers. Used in a flowing high volume evacuator (HVE) valve, it detects clogged lines and flow-tests the vacuum station. VACHECK is easy to use, with a simple “Pass-Fail” indicator and fixed calibrations.
  • Master Water Control Valve – Reduce the complexity of installation with our new Master Water Control Valve. Make controlling your water supply and safeguarding against leaks simple and easy!