Proma A6642 Assistant Cart

Proma has a long history of innovation in dental delivery systems. Proma was the first to introduce a patient water system, pinch technology for controlling the flow of hand piece air and water, and an ambidextrous delivery of doctor and assistant’s instrumentation.

All Proma delivery systems contain a unique piston valve control system that carries a life time warranty against failure. Proma’s dependability is key to productivity and efficiency in the dental treatment room.



    • Adjustable height
    • 17″x 22″ solid surface (winter white)
    • Air/water syringe, quick-change sterilizable tip
    • ProValve Plus HVE & Saliva ejector valve
    • Self-contained patient water w/ quick connect
    • 7’ umbilical (utility hook-up)
    • Water quick connect
    • Solids collector, w/ drain line fittings
    • Antique white finish with surf tubings


Special consideration needs to be given to all existing locations to ensure that proper space and utilities are available.  Third party contractors, such as a plumber for vacuum and compressed air; may be necessary to complete your installation.  This is not included in the price of the cart.

  • A WDA qualified technician will deliver your cart, bring it into your site, and ensure that the cart is assembled and hooked up properly.
  • The WDA Qualified Technician will provide staff training as needed.