Porter MXR 3000 Flowmeter Packages – CUSTOM

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  • A variety of options are available for installing and mounting your Porter MXR 3000 flowmeter for use with your centrally plumbed N2O office system.
  • These packages are custom fit to the specific mounting location in your office and we would be happy to assist you in finding the right package to meet your needs.
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Porter MXR 3000 Flowmeter:

The MXR-3000 has been the most trusted and recognized flowmeter featuring Porter precision glass indicator tubes and ergonomic single motion controls.

The MXR 3000 is designed for those who would prefer an at-your-side vertical flowmeter. Precision, durability, and ease of operation have made this slender and sleek flowmeter the flowmeter of choice for tens of thousands of practitioners. Porter’s glass indicator tubes provide accurate and easy-to-read visual flow readings. The dual-seal, one-piece solid aluminum construction virtually eliminates internal gas leaks.

Features include on/off switch, oxygen flush button, and oxygen quick connect. The Porter MXR can be equipped with either a standard breathing circuit with In-Line vacuum control or a breathing circuit with the patented Automatic Vacuum Switch (AVS) control. Mounting options include: mobile cart, portable “E” cylinder stand.

Porter MXR 3000 Flowmeter Package:

All packages include: 5155-3AV Breathing Circuit, the Mounting Bracket or Wall-Arm of your choice, and either an In-line Vacuum Control (manual) or an AVS 5000 Vacuum Control (automatic).

NOTE: Additional accessories are usually required with this product, such as Quick Connect gas supply hoses and Vacuum Adapters.


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Porter In Line Vacuum Control

Porter AVS


Specifications are for Flowmeter Only, not for mobile stand or other packages.

Dimensions (W x H x D): 5″ x 8 1/2″ x 5 ½”
Weight: 6 lb
Mixed Gas Outlet Diameter: 7/8″ nominal (22 mm)
Oxygen Inlet: Male DISS (CGA-1240)
Nitrous Oxide Inlet: Male DISS (CGA-1040)
Inlet Pressure (each gas): 50-55 psi
Resuscitator Connector: Quick Connect (1/4″ Imperial)


This item is shipped via UPS / FedEx.

Installation includes the following:

  • Delivery (either direct to location or by WDA Network Technician)
  • Installation or Assembly of equipment on-site
  • Installation sites and times vary.  Installation will be invoiced at the $150 / hour WDA discounted rate.
  • Staff training (if required)  No Charge.