Forest 3900 Chair, Delivery Unit, Halogen Light

Operatory packages are HIGHLY customizable.  This package includes a 3900 Patient Chair, L/R swing-mounted Delivery System, and swing-mount Halogen Light.



This package includes: 

  • 3900 Hydraulic Chair
  • 4295PI Delivery System
  • 9083 Halogen Light
  • Tray Assembly
  • Additional Chair Mounted Touchpad
  • Dual Color Upholstery

3900 Patient Chair

  • Ultraleather® upholstery with wide back for elbow support
  • Double articulating pinch-style headrest
  • Thin back with full lumbar support
  • Right/left patient access
  • Swing-down locking armrests
  • Hydraulic cantilever mechanism
  • Emergency shut-off
  • 30 degree base rotation with lock
  • Multifunction touchpad with 4 programmable preset positions
  • Seat height: minimum 17” maximum 29”

Forest 4295PI Delivery

Automatic control for three handpieces
asepsis 3-way air/water syringe w/tubing, 5’
handpiece tubing, 4-hole Midwest, asepsis style, 5’
pneumatic master control block w/diaphragm
master on/off
individual handpiece pressure adjustment
individual water coolant adjustment
non-retraction water coolant
air coolant adjustment
handpiece flush
handpiece exhaust canister/oil collector
dual handle brake release function
wet/dry foot control
self-contained clean water system w/quick disconnect,
single bottle, 1 1/2 liter w/on/off
toggle valve for city/bottle water routing
Flexible control arm w/pneumatic brake
vertical travel 28” / horizontal travel 62”
Internal umbilical, 5’ w/3’ external/chair to utility center
Utility center air/water pressure regulators w/filter
master air/water shut-off valves
Chair adapter, pivot

Forest 9083 Halogen Light

  • Axis light head movement
  • Automatic on/off activation with override
  • Color shade matching
  • Temperature setting 4200K to 5500K
  • Shadow free illumination


Special consideration needs to be given to all existing locations to ensure that proper space and utilities are available.  Third party contractors, such as an electrician and/or plumber may be necessary to complete your installation.  This is not included in the price of this chair, unit, and light.

  • Due to the weight and size of this item, a WDA qualified technician will deliver your chair, unit, and light; bring it into your site, and ensure that everything is assembled and hooked up properly.
  • The WDA Qualified Technician will provide staff training.