Digital Doc XTG Handheld Intraoral X-Ray

Fast, Easy, and Economical

The portable X-ray system, XTG is an advanced high frequency dental X-ray apparatus with fixed 60kVDC and 2mA tube current which is designed to produce diagnostic high quality X-ray for both film and digital sensors. The device can be mounted on an optional tripod or arms for convenience.




  • Camera-like design and operation makes the XTG easy to learn and use
  • Portable for multi-operatory use
  • Film, plate, and sensor capability
  • No installation required
  • Rechargeable battery, good for at least 150 exposures per charge
  • Internal protection shield to protect operator and patient from dispersed radiation
  • Available Accessories:
    • Neck Strap Cover (100 per case) – SH0009
    • Replacement Battery – MX-005
    • Battery Charger – PX-020
    • Hand Grip – PX-015
    • Remote Hand Switch – MX-039
    • XTG Mobile Stand Arm (Includes One Hand Switch) – MSA-01
    • XTG Portable Stand Arm (Includes One Hand Switch) – PSA-01
  • Let us know if you are interested in adding any accessories to your order

Brochures & Education

Digital Doc XTG Brochure

Digital Doc XTG Manual


  • Grade: Class II B
  • X-ray Generator
    • Tube Voltage: 60 kV (Fixed)
    • Tube Current: 2 mA (Fixed)
    • Time Setting Range: 0.01 – 1.0 second (0.01 sec. step)
  • X-ray Tube
    • Type: Stationary Anode X-ray Tube
    • X-ray Tube Model: D-081B (Toshiba)
    • X-ray Tube Focal Size: 0.8 mm
    • Target Angle: 20o
    • Total Filtration: 1.6 mm Al
  • LCD display
  • Source to Skin Distance: 200 mm
  • X-ray Field: 53 mm (Round style)
  • Weight: 1.77 kg
  • Dimensions: 123 (W) x 220 (D) x 134 (H) mm