Brewer, 135DSS Saddle, SPLIT Seat, Strengthens Core!

Revolutionary 360-degree Dynamic Motion technology promotes back health.  This saddle stool allows freedom of movement that helps to engage core muscles.  Adjustable design enables you to limit the range of motion initially.  Then, gradually increase the range of motion over time to continue strengthening core muscles, which supports enhanced comfort, daily productivity, and career longevity.

Custom Colors:

This stool is available in numerous color options, including premium upholstery. When you place your order, a WDA Sales Rep will contact you to finalize the color of your chair by providing color swatches or assisting with color-matching existing equipment. Please note that some fabric choices may require additional charges.




Why the Brewer 135DSS?

  • Circular movement and tilt:
    • Unique 360° tilt makes movement easier and more natural.
    • Allows core muscles to become active in supporting the spine.
    • Strengthens spine stability muscles, pelvic and leg muscles.
    • Less pressure on the edges of the upper legs when moving side to side.
  • Split Seat design:
    • Improves circulation as there is no edge to press against your upper legs. The veins and arteries that carry blood to and from legs are in the most open position for improved circulation.
    • Offerings superior cooling comfort, resulting in improved genital health in both men and women.
    • Balances the pelvis in an upright position placing the weight over the “sit bones” and not the soft tissues.
    • Better hip abduction brings improved posture over narrower saddle seats.

Dynamic, Core Strengthening Addition to Brewer’s Elite Ergonomic Stool Line!

  • Provides 360° of balanced, dynamic “swaying” movement.
  • Improved circulation and cooling comfort resulting in improved health.
  • Allows natural posture, thus strengthening your core muscles while you work.
  • Seat “movement” can be easily adjusted to your own preference and comfort level.
  • Available in 3 height ranges so the optimum angle of the knee, 135°, can be achieved.

All 135DSS Saddle Stools by Salli feature:

  • Unique split-saddle seat design
  • 23″ diameter cast aluminum base
  • Large casters for easy rolling
  • 250lb weight capacity
  • Standard 5-year warranty
  • Numerous color options available, including premium upholstery


Brewer 135DSS Split Seat Saddle Stool

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