Bien Air Lubricare 2 Handpiece Maintenance System

These two words perfectly describe the Bien-Air range of maintenance products. They provide you with perfect assistance in the daily use of your favourite instruments. The Bien-Air range of maintenance products comprises four lines: Aquacare, Spraynet, Lubrifluid and Lubrimed. Each product is made for a specific cleaning and/or lubrication stage, and they work together to give your instruments impeccable hygiene and unrivalled service life.



Lubricare 2 automatically performs maintenance (cleaning and lubrication) of dental handpieces, which are essential for daily practice.

Up to four handpieces in a short time thanks to different preprogrammed operating modes suitable for each specific handpiece.

It cleans a turbine in approx 20 seconds and a contra-angle in 40 seconds.

By employing the dual solenoid valves system and a clean air dedicated conduit, the system can supply clean air without a mix of oil.

During the water removal process before lubrication, the system removes the water in the head, which maximizes lubrication results and minimizes idling period before practice.