Bien Air Aquilon 830 Air Driven Lowspeed E-Type Motor, Internal Spray + 4 Hole Coupling

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Offering high torque at low speed, the Aquilon is a high-performance air micromotor at a very competitive price. Equipped with a ceramic stator, it is simple to maintain and has a particularly long service life. Its rotating speed ranges from 5,000 to 20,000 rpm with forward and reverse operation. It is quick to connect, thanks to its rotating Unifix quick-connect coupling.




Bien Air # 1700211-001

Includes the Aquilon 830 Lowspeed Motor with Internal Water Spray + 4-Hole Unifix Coupler

  • High torque at low speed
  • High-performance air micromotor
  • Very competitive price
  • Simple to maintain
  • Long service life
  • 5,000 to 20,000 rpm with forward and reverse operation
  • Quick to connect


Bien Air Aquilon Lowspeed Motor

Technical Data

Applications Restorative, Prophylaxis
Type internal spray
Speed range 5000-20,000 rpm
Max torque 2.5 Ncm
Torque control No
Weight (g) 90 gr
Dimensions Ø 23 x 65 mm
Light No
Max noise level, compliant with ISO 11498 70 dBA
Sterilisable No
Hose rotation 400°
Warranty 1 year to 2  years 1
Reference AQUILON 830 1600070-001


1 1-year standard warranty and 1-year optional warranty available through Bien-Air’s PlanCare extended warranty program.