Belmont X-Calibur B50N Patient Chair

The X-Calibur V B50N dental chair carries the Belmont traditions of excellence in reliability, durability and patient comfort. Its sleek design and electro-hydraulics provide a full range of motion and positioning, allowing for easier access to the patient without compromising comfort and safety.



Positioning Access

Accompanying a standard foot control, B50N includes integrated positioning controls, sealed into the backrest, that are easy to clean and accessible from the doctor’s and assistant’s side of the chair.

Chair Capabilities

With a thin and narrow backrest, operators gain superb access to each patient, resulting in a better working posture and a more comfortable working experience. With its contoured shape, the dual axis headrest cradles the occipital bone and permits operators to tilt the patient’s head forward and back, for greater access to the upper and lower arches.

Foot Control Function

Foot control is standard with the chair and includes manual positioning adjustment, two preset positions, last position, and auto-return. This hands-free device permits operators to position patients in the ideal treatment position.

Seat Movement

Seat movement is accomplished with the reliable Belmont electro-hydraulic system. Locking seat swivel permits operators to manually position patient orientation for best access to the patient oral cavity.


Seat height ranges from 13-3/8” to 28-3/8”

Removable Slings

Slings are removable for easy cleaning or for closer access to patients.

Optional Seat Positioning Touchpad

Additional seat positioning controls can be ordered for the chair or can be added as a part of the delivery system.

Standard Features

  • Articulating dual-axis headrest accommodates the anatomy of each patient.
  • ETL Certified with safety shut-off plates that prevent accidental activation of positioning controls.
  • Swing-away armrests for easy patient entry and dismissal.
  • Electro-hydraulic operating system with 60° left-to-right seat rotation, base and backrest adjustments, programmable position storage and auto-return – all accessible via built-in membrane switches located on doctor and assistant sides.
  • Foot control provides additional adjustment customization with manual positioning control and auto-return.
  • Seat ranges from 13-3/8”-28-3/8” to ergonomically help the user.
  • Choice of standard Vinyl or Ultraleather® upholstery.



This Warranty is void when failure or defect is caused by conditions beyond the manufacturer’s control, such as damage resulting from mishandling, neglect, misuse, improper maintenance, accident or alteration or repair by anyone other than Belmont or an authorized dealer.

Labor Warranty: Provided by WDA Service Solutions, 6 months from the date of installation.

  • Upholstery Warranty is for one (1) year under normal use and service; upholstery must be cleaned following the instructions provided by the vinyl or disinfecting solution manufacturer.
  • Belmont Dental Chair Warranty (Does not include Upholstery, see Upholstery warranty statement above):
  • B50N Chairs have a five (5) year warranty, subject to installation and service qualification.

Brochures and Education

Belmont X Calibur B50N Patient Chair Brochure