Belmont SELECT Series: Chair, Unit, LED Light, Stools, and Asst Vac Pkg

Operatory packages are HIGHLY customizable.  This package includes the X-Calibur B50N patient chair, L/R swing-mounted EVOGUE 3-HP Delivery System, swing-mount Clesta LED light, dental stools, and assistant’s vac package.



The Belmont name is synonymous with durability, design, craftsmanship and ease-of-use. All are prominently reflected throughout the select series products. A traditional and valuable choice, Belmont’s select series optimizes operatory performance and improves productivity with its high-function and classic design.

X-Calibur B50N Chair

The X-Calibur V B50N dental chair carries the Belmont traditions of excellence in reliability, durability and patient comfort. Its sleek design and electro-hydraulics provide a full range of motion and positioning, allowing for easier access to the patient without compromising comfort and safety.

Belmont X Calibur B50N Patient Chair Brochure

EVOGUE EVG Delivery System

The EVOGUE dental delivery systems optimizes patient treatment productivity through its thoughtful design, efficient access to controls and effective range of motion for positioning hand pieces.

Evogue EVG Delivery System Brochure

Clesta LED Dental Light

Touchless on/off and illuminating LED lights deliver functionality and efficiency unlike any other.

A powerful and precise tool for every dental practice, the Clesta LED dental light combines the award-winning Bel-Halo technology with the proven, long-term success of the Clesta brand.

Belmont Clesta LED Light Brochure


Dental Stools

Doctor’s Stool: A classic choice for any operatory, this doctor’s stool delivers a simplistic design with unparalleled functionality.

Assistant’s Stool: With its plush arm rest, adjustable foot ring and foam seating and backrest, this assistant’s stool delivers proper postural support to optimize back and leg comfort.

Belmont Dental Stools, 090 And 091


Special consideration needs to be given to all existing locations to ensure that proper space and utilities are available. Third party contractors, such as an electrician and/or plumber may be necessary to complete your installation. This is not included in the price of this chair, unit, and light.
• Due to the weight and size of this item, a WDA qualified technician will deliver your chair, unit, and light; bring it into your site, and ensure that everything is assembled and hooked up properly.
• The WDA Qualified Technician will provide staff training.