Belmont FLEX SERIES Operatory CABINETRY Package with Delivery System

The NEW Belmont Flex Series, that offers a high level of configuration, affordability and efficiency.

This cabinetry system is TRULY left/right compatible:

  • Swap the mobile Doctor and Assistant Storage Carts
  • Slide the work surface left/right
  • Swing the delivery system and assistant’s instruments left/right

Are you doing multiple types of procedures such as implants and endodontics?  By purchasing an extra mobile cart, you can create dedicated stocked mobile carts.  Simply swap out the cart to match your procedure.



  • Rear Flex Cabinet – T-Shaped
    • Doctor Delivery System
    • Assistant’s Instrumentation
    • Upper Storage with Monitor Mount and Task Lighting
    • Mid-shelf Storage with Tip-Out Bins
    • TWO mobile storage carts that fit under the rear delivery.
      • Easily switch the carts when switching to Left-hand dentistry!
  • Doctor Side Cabinet
    • Includes Sink
    • Soap Dispenser
    • Waste-Drop
    • Storage
  • Assistant’s Side Cabinet
    • Pull-out end drawer for Barrier-Related Items
    • Two Rows of Tip-out Storage Bins
    • Storage for Trays and Cassettes – 5 glass shelves and 1 storage Drawer
    • Waste-Drop