Belmont EVOGUE Q3300 Dental Chair

Optimized for the patient and practitioner experience, the Q3300 chair infuses the best of Belmont’s quality, comfort, and value into a remarkably balanced chair. This high-performance chair features synchronous backrest and legrest reclining motion to ease the patient into an ideal treatment position.



Belmont Craftmanship provides years of trouble-free use

The Q3300 Evogue chair features a fully hydraulic drive system providing years of trouble-free use.

New double articulating headrest design that is both user-friendly and more comfortable for the patient.

Standard Features

  • Adjustable & Removable Slings
  • Dual Membrane Chair Controls
  • Mount Your Belmont Delivery System
  • Dual Axis Headrest
  • Perfect Positioning & Operator Access


5 Year Warranty on Chair

1 Year Warranty on Upholstery is restricted to normal use in dental office and is dependent upon owners and starts with following Belmont cleaning instructions.

Brochures and Education

Q5500 Q3300 REV20230609

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