Belmont Clesta LED Dental Light

Touchless on/off and illuminating LED lights deliver functionality and efficiency unlike any other.

A powerful and precise tool for every dental practice, the Clesta LED dental light combines the award-winning Bel-Halo technology with the proven, long-term success of the Clesta brand.



  • High performance of the five LED bub array produces a well-defined light pattern for oral cavity illumination.
  • Three-axis head rotation paired with handles provides smooth, easy movements and precise light maneuvering.
  • Touchless ON/OFF and Composite Safe Mode sensor reduces physical contact with light surfaces and minimizes cross-contamination risks.
  • Stepless illumination controls match ambient lighting conditions within the operatory and approximate mid-day light.
  • Shadowless illumination allows for uninterrupted light to the patient’s oral cavity, even with 50% obstruction between light and patient.
  • Available in curved post, swing mount, post mount, ceiling mount and track mount configurations.

Brochures and Education

Belmont Clesta LED Dental Light Brochure

Custom Installation

This item may require additional installation that is unique to your location. Careful consideration by a WDA Equipment Sales Rep is required to ensure adequate structural ceiling support. Additional accessories may be required related to the height of your ceilings or the need for specialty mounting brackets.