Air Techniques Utility Room Accessories

Evacuation System Cleaner

Amalgam Separator

Remote Control Water Valves

Vacuum Equalizer


Remote Control Panels

Remote Air Intake

Utility Stack Racks

Buck Boost Transformer




Accessories for your utility room equipment are just as important as the equipment itself. Accessories offer a wide range of
benefits such as: space savings, environmental responsibility, energy savings and more. Along with proper cleaning and
maintenance, accessories can help keep your equipment running smoothly and extend the life of your gear.
Protect your office and investments with Air Techniques accessories. Office downtime from equipment servicing is reduced
when preventative accessories are used. Keeping your office functioning smoothly means reducing down-time so you are
able to see more patients.
Create a more efficient office with accessories that increase performance of your compressor or vacuum and utilize only
the power you need. With just a few simple product additions, you can ensure that you are getting the highest quality
performance from the products you rely on to keep your practice running.