The next generation of DEXIS cone beam technology 

Built on OP 3D technology, this multimodality imaging platform expands your 3D diagnostic capabilities with a wide range of clinical applications that support your evolving practice and enhance diagnostic confidence.

Built to increase practice efficiency

The 2D and 3D imaging options built into the ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH™ OP 3D™ LX unit cover a full spectrum of dental extraoral needs, from endodontics to complex surgical cases. This next generation system offers flexible field of view (FOV) options ranging from 5 (H) x 5 (D) cm up to 15 (H) x 20 (D) cm – which is the largest view option available on a DEXIS OP 3D platform to date. With shorter scan times, the OP 3D LX captures the maxillofacial complex and large diagnostic areas in one non-stitched scan for fast workflows. 

One versatile imaging platform

Flexible volume sizes

With the largest sensor on a DEXIS OP 3D platform, OP 3D LX offers flexible FOV options ranging from 5x5 quadrant scans up to 15x20 complete maxillofacial complex high-resolution scans.

A scalable solution

Easily upgrade your system to meet your evolving diagnostic needs with adding larger volume sizes or the cephalometric modality.

High-quality images
Expand your diagnostic confidence and capabilities with the artifact and noise reduction filters embedded into the system software that give you the consistent clear high-quality images.


“There are many treatment plans, but only one diagnosis. What made an impactful impression on me is that when the OP 3D LX large FOV is indicated, the level of detail I see, I only had expected to see that level of detail on smaller FOV scans.“

-Dr. Katya Archambault

Explore the expanded view options

field of view animation


5x5Localized Diagnostics
Endodontic evaluation, single implant sites, and pathologies
6x9Single Arch
Implant planning, surgical guide creation, and impacted canines
8x8Compact Dual Arch
Mandible and maxillary treatment planning of implants in both arches
10x10Complete Dentition
Mandible and maxilla with 3rd molar region and lower maxillary sinuses - ideal for multiple implants or periodontal evaluation
12x15Entire Dentition
Mandible and maxilla, bilateral TMJ, sinus, and pharyngeal airway
15x20*Maxillofacial Complex
Mandible and maxilla, bilateral TMJ, upper and lower airway, soft tissue profile, OMS, and orthodontic analysis

FOV options can be adjusted to offer 96 unique sizes.
Sizes may not be available in all regions.
*optional field of view

Intuitive, interactive and smart features


User interface

OP 3D LX offers an intuitive user interface that enables you to easily position the patient, visually choose the areas of interest with your 3D, panoramic or cephalometric settings and preview the X-ray image shortly after exposure without opening any image viewing software.

Intuitive accuracy

The intuitive user interface in the OP 3D LX system makes it easy to select your field of view and allows for accurate anatomy visualization, vertical adjustments, and bi-directional scout modifications to capture only structures of interest.

Re-engineered head support 

The new head support design provides options to scan the patient without interfering with the patient’s soft tissue profile optimized for orthodontic and surgical applications. 


stitch-free scans

Stitch-free scans

You can accurately diagnose, plan, and treat your patients with confidence using single pass capture with no stitching on every scan size. 

enhanced visibility

Enhanced visibility

Enjoy the next generation of automated ICE* (Implant Contrast Enhancer) and MAR (Metal Artifact Reduction) to provide greater visibility of internal metal structures of existing implants, while minimizing the impact of metal and restorations.

Cloud-based service connectivity

Cloud-based service connectivity

This OP 3D LX feature simplifies service and maintenance for improved practice productivity and uptime.

*Product feature not available until 2024.

Invest with confidence

We stand behind our products to help you feel confident with your investment. We offer a 60-day satisfaction guaranteed program as well as many self-paced educational opportunities included with your investment. Connect with your local DEXIS representative today to learn more.

30 Reports in 90 Days

With the purchase of any new CBCT equipment, DEXIS and BeamReaders are teaming up to offer 30 radiology reports in your first 90 days of ownership. Whether you are new to CBCT or an imaging veteran, enhance your radiological and diagnostic capabilities as you incorporate your new CBCT into your practice.

Assisted intelligence for workflow efficiencies

Our intuitive award-winning software features, in DTX Studio™ Clinic, support a more efficient workflow allowing you to spend less time in the software and more time with your patient. Some of the many assisted intelligent features include:

  • Automatic focal trough detection
  • Patient positioning correction
  • Mandibular nerve canal annotation

Discover the possibilities with 3D imaging

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