***SUPER SPECIAL*** Vatech PaX-I, Insight “Cone Beam Lite” Digital X-ray (without Ceph)

Promotion:  FREE Trial of Insight technology for the price of a 2D pan!  Try the 41 Layers of Insight imaging FREE for one year.  If after one year, you love the images and want to keep the Insight capability, pay just $5799 for the upgrade.  If it’s not for you, do nothing and the Insight capability turns off and you have fully functional, standard PaX-i 2D panoramic x-ray, just without the 41 Layer Insight technology.

  • The Next Evolutionary Step Forward in Panoramic Imaging With Insight Pan
  • 41 MultiLayer Images
  • Reduced motion artifacts and faster workflow
    Powerful diagnostic value with Insight Feature
    Complete solution for consultation
  • Industry Exclusive Trade In/Up Options
  • 10 Year Sensor / 5 Year ALL Parts Warranty!




The Next Evolutionary Step Forward in Panoramic Imaging.
The PaX-i Insight is capable of taking a multi-layered panoramic image called an Insight Pan which provides a unique, in-depth look across a single focal trough.

Because each patient may have a slightly different arch, conventional panoramic images may occasionally miss important details which land outside of a single focal layer.
Insight Pans are capable of capturing multiple-layered Insight pans, insuring that all details are captured in a depth-added panoramic image.


The next step in cephalometric technology, Vatech’s new Rapid Ceph minimizes motion artifacts and enables faster diagnostic work flow while providing the the highest quality digital image.


The next-generation in panoramic technology, Insight pans allow doctors to obtain never before seen, in-depth diagnostic information from the anterior to posterior on a digital panoramic image.
The Insight feature allows doctors to explore their region of interest, giving the capability to find mesiobuccal, distobuccal, and even palatal root information.

Using the PaX-i Insight’s Next Generation Panoramic Technology, Discover:

Hidden multi roots and canals | Location of pulp and gutta-percha | Broken file or root fractures


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PaXi Insight Brochure

Vatech Product Catalog

BuyBack PaX I 5 Year 2018


  • Weight w/o Ceph:                   209.4 lbs -without Base / 297.6 lbs -with Base
  • Weight with Ceph:                  264.5 lbs -without Base / 352.7 lbs -with Base
  • Dimensions w/o Ceph:            38.98 Inch(L) x 47.24 Inch(W) x 90.55 Inch (H)
  • Dimensions w/ Ceph:              75.98 Inch(L) x 47.24 Inch(W) x 90.55 Inch (H)
  • Electrical:USA / Cananda:                                              120 V AC / 50/60 Hz, Single phasePower Rating:                                                 Max 1.8 kVA


5-Year Warranty on All Parts

Trade In / Trade Up Buyback Program


Vatech, Quality And BuyBack Info

Buyback Program

What is the Vatech Buyback Policy?

Within three years of the installation date, Vatech and your supporting dealer will buyback your 2D imaging system applying 100% of the original purchase price you paid towards an eligible brand new 3D imaging system. Rather than upgrading the hardware of an aging imaging system, Vatech will provide a BRAND NEW 3D imaging system if you choose to exercise this policy. 0% Depreciation!

Maintain your upgradability by resetting your technology with a BRAND NEW device with the Vatech Buyback Program.


Trade In/Up Program

What is the Vatech Trade In/Up Program?

As technology rapidly evolves, protecting your investment from accelerated depreciation can be found exclusively in the Vatech Trade In/Up Program.

Vatech will provide a trade in value for your 3D imaging system, utilizing a lower-than-market depreciation rate, allowing you to maximize the return for your imaging system when it’s time to upgrade to a new 3D device.

Minimize your long term costs, maximize the residual value of your imaging system, and upgrade to a newer and more advanced technology with ease by participating in the Vatech Trade In/Up Program.

PC Requirements

PC System Requirements (Recommended)


— The PC system plays a large role in processing and viewing quality images. Image quality may be diminished if the PC specifications are not met. Please adhere to the requirements specified in the following table.

— If necessary, upgrade your PC’s system configuration to meet the following specifications.

— DO NOT place the PC or peripheral equipment connected to the PC in the immediate vicinity of the patient.

Item                             HP                                                       LENOVO

CPU:                           Intel® Core® i3-2130 3.4GHz           Intel® Core® i3-2120 3.3GHz

RAM:                          4GB x1 DDR3-1333 ECC RAM        4GB (2GB*2) DDR3 1333MHz


HD (Hard Drive):        500GB SATA 7200 1st HDD             500GB SATA 7200 1st HDD

Graphic board:            Intel H61 Express Chipset                  ATI HD7350 512M (DVI+DP) FH

Ethernet:                     Realtek RTL8171E                             Intel®82579 Gigabit Ethernet

Gigabit Ethernet interface

Serial Port (RS232):    1 (On board)                                       1 (On board)

Power supply:             ≥ 300 Watts (85 % Efficiency)           ≥ 320 Watts (85 % Efficiency)

Slots:                           1 PCI Express x 1 Slot                        1 PCI Express x 16 Slot

1 PCI Express Gen1 x 1 Slot              1 PCI Express Gen2 x 16 Slot

2 PCI Slots                                          2 PCI Slots

CD/DVD drive:          SuperMulti DVD Drive                     SATA DVD-ROM/DVD Recordable

Monitor:                      19” 1280 x 1024 screen resolution     19” 1280 x 1024 screen resolution

Operating system:       Windows 7 Home                               Windows 7 Professional 64- Bit OS

Premium 64-Bit OS

Recommended            :           Pro 3330                                              M82



Installed by WDA Qualified Technicians. This item is shipped via FREIGHT to a Moving & Storage or similar facility and then delivered via Movers or WDA Technicians to your office. Additional Moving & Storage Fees may apply.
*This product may require additional IT support and software integration, WDA Equipment Solutions will work with your IT provider prior to installation so that PC and Site Requirements are met.
Installation may require electrical/network cabling work performed by 3rd party contractors for an additional fee.
Installation may require wall support backing to be installed by a 3rd party contractor for an additional fee. WDA Equipment Solutions Equipment Specialists will inspect the site prior to installation to make sure installation requirements are met.
Digital Panoramic X-ray systems require a PC for functionality.
Installation includes the following:
• Site assessment
• Assessment of wall backing and support, electrical and network jack requirements
• Delivery (Professional Movers or by WDA technicians)
• Installation by WDA Service Solutions Technicians
• Additional IT and software support is required, NOT INCLUDED
• Staff training (required)