Vatech i3D Premium

Large 21 cm x 19 cm FOV for complete diagnostic imaging needs.

The optimal solution for airway and ENT diagnosis

Automatically generates up to 6 types of images in 1 scan.

  • 10 Year Sensor / 5 Year ALL Parts Warranty!
  • Free Vatech Technical Support and No Monthly Fees!



The most comprehensive set of FOV sizes collimated from 21×19 cm to 8×8 cm.

The optimal solution for AIRWAY and ENT diagnosis.

Offers FOV sizes suitable for:

  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Facial Reconstructions
  • Orthodontic treatment Planning
  • Complex Orthognathic Cases

The i3D Premium utilizes a proprietary 49.5 ㎛ high resolution sensor which makes it the finest pixel and highest resolution CBCT available on the market today.

The i3D Premium offers a wide range of selectable Fields of View (FOV). This selectable FOV helps limit patient radiation exposure and allows users to capture only the region of interest.
Clinicians can select between 21X19, 17X15, 17X11, 12X9 and 8X8 fields of view.

One scan with the i3D Premium, you can capture the raw data needed for a CBCT, Panorama, PA Ceph, Lateral Ceph, SMV Ceph and Waters’ View Ceph. With these images, the system is capable of providing images for craniofacial, maxillofacial and orthodontic treatment planning.


  • Simple Patient Positioning – Step by step instructions on the LCD control panel aids in positioning patient.
  • Space Efficiency – The built in accessory box reduces clutter and keeps the space organized.
  • Posture Stability – Maximize patient stability by utilizing a seated position.
  • Wheelchair Accessibility – A detachable chair accommodates wheelchair access.

Includes Acquisition PC


Brochures and Education

Vatech Product Catalog

I3D Premium User Guide


Installed by WDA Qualified Technicians. This item is shipped via FREIGHT to a Moving & Storage or similar facility and then delivered via Movers or WDA Technicians to your office. Additional Moving & Storage Fees may apply.

*This product usually requires additional IT support and software integration, WDA Equipment Solutions will work with your IT provider prior to installation so that PC and Site Requirements are met.

Installation may require electrical/network cabling work performed by 3rd party contractors for an additional fee.

Installation may require wall support backing to be installed by a 3rd party contractor for an additional fee. WDA Equipment Solutions Equipment Specialists will inspect the site prior to installation to make sure installation requirements are met.

Digital Panoramic X-ray systems require a PC for functionality.

Installation includes the following:

  • Site assessment
  • Assessment of wall backing and support, electrical and network jack requirements
  • Delivery (Professional Movers or by WDA technicians)
  • Installation by WDA Service Solutions Technicians
  • Additional IT and software support is required, NOT INCLUDED
  • Staff training (required)



i3D Premium : PCT-90LH


CT (Auto Pano/Auto Ceph) + Pano

  • CT FOV SIZE:  Dental 21X19 / 17X15 / 12X9 / 8X8 cm
  • ENT     21X19 / 17X11 [TB&PNS] / 17X11 [Airway] cm


  • Pano   13.5 sec
  • CT       Max. 18 sec

VOXEL SIZE:  0.2 / 0.3 / 0.4 mm

FOCAL SPOT SIZE:  0.5 mm [IEC60336]

GRAY SCALE:  14 bit

TUBE VOLTAGE:  60 – 120 kV

CURRENT:  4 – 10 mA

WEIGHT:  321 kg (708lb)

DIMENSIONS:  62″ (L) X 60.1″ (W) X 86″(H)


5-Year Warranty on All Parts